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- 3 players in a group
- ticket: one Relic per player (you can get Relic from Oak Chest, tradable)

Entering by the Zentia Chronicler at the end of the Lost Empire. The leader of the group can start the run. The time of the run is maximum 35 minutes.

First you will find yourself on an intermediate map where you can't move. The system is checking if you have a relic or not and there are 5 characters in the group. If every conditional is OK, you will teleport to the run after 10 seconds. If the contitional is not OK, you will teleprt back next to the Zentia Chronicler after 45 seconds (your Relic don't lost!).

When you are on the run, you can see a Summoner. The leader of the group can start the run with the help of this NPC.

You have 5 tasks.

  • 1st task: Kill Wu Zhein's Soldiers!

Attention! Look what and when you kill! First kill the blue soldiers (lvl 92), than the red (lvl 92)! If you kill first the red soldier, he will multiply and you can't perform the task!!!

  • 2nd task: Find out the correct number!

The leader can say numbers to the Battlemaster NPC. Number can be between 1 and 100. If you makes mistakes, you will get meteors (lvl 100) which you have to kill to the next task.

  • 3rd task: Kill Thebun Lanue!

Kill Thebun Lanue (lvl 91) and the Rock Panthers (lvl 67)! One member of the group can get chest from Thebun Lanue!

  • 4th task: Make disappear the 5 columns!

Kill the Zhein Elite Chief (lvl 92) who can drop Key Stone! If you have one Key Stone, take it to the column and drag it on it. If every column disappeared than can come the next task!

  • 5th task: Kill Wu Zhein!

Wu Zhein (lvl 92) and his mates (lvl 92) are waiting you! Kill them! One member of the group can get chest from Wu Zhein. After this Dragon God's Messenger will come to you and give everybody one Soul Point! Hereby the run is ended and you will get back to your main city!

On map1 you can find Travelling Mage NPC who sell Wu Zhein's items in exchange for Soul Points!!!
- You can upgrade these items with the help of Ruby (tradable)!!
- Attention! The upgrade is not always succesful, use Magic Stone!
- You have to buy every Wu Zhein items (boot, helm, braceket, necklace, trinket, shield and weapon) with SAME character and after that you can buy the Wu Zhein armour.

  • Wu Zhein Chest contains:

- Blessing Marble
- 6-7 Bonus Adder and Changer
- Gold bar
- Silver Medal
- Zentia Helmet (+15% against monsters, it works as a hair and active until you don't change your hair)

  • Thebun Lanue Chest contains:

- Blessing Marble
- 6-7 Bonus Adder and Changer
- Gold bar

Attention! Wu Zhein Run has lots of bug as DT run. Everybody use the run at one's own risk!!!! This means that we can't compensate the tickets (Relic and Lost Map) if the run was unsuccessful! If you go to the run with same group several time, please delete and remake the group before every run!


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